Nov 01

Since 2 years I’m already maintaining my ‘Psychotherapie-Blog‘ on my German-language site now, it was about time to start translating at least some of the articles there to the English language as well.
Not only are there astounding observations I can make in my therapeutic practice at times, sometimes there are thoughts or experiences I hear about of which I’ve often enough been thinking: ‘couldn’t that be of interest for others as well, maybe even helpful?’ At other times, I stumble upon interesting studies or 3rd party articles on the web which are certainly worth of sharing with interested visitors of a website that basically tries to explain and inform about psychotherapy and counseling .

In other words: feel invited to visit this blog from time to time to take a peek at my ‘virtual logbook’. You can use the “RSS Feed” link in the navigation bar (right) to receive updates and of course I’m excited about your feedback  – either directly below the articles themselves or using the contact form of my website.

Richard L. Fellner

(Psychotherapist & Counselor, Coach, Supervisor, Hypnotherapist, Sex Therapist)

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