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Psychotherapist, Coach, Counselor, Supervisor in Vienna, Austria


Relationship Counseling

There's a certain stigma attached to relationship counseling. Couples either don't think they have a problem or are afraid to get help. Instability in a relationship isn't a requirement, though. Many seek counseling because it is a meaningful way to better understand their companion and their own psychological baggage.

• Prepare for lifelong relationship / marriage
• strengthen existing relationship / marriage
• restore troubled relationship / marriage


Parent Counseling

Men and women may have to deal with many unforeseen situations as parents. The purpose of Parent Counseling and Training is to assist parents in acquiring skills to support the child's development, but also feel more comfortable and at east with being a parent. In some cases this may involve helping the parent to gain skills directly at home.
Possible topics of counseling may include:

Parent Counseling and Training is intended to benefit the child by helping them to make greater gains toward meeting their educational goals and objectives because important learning supports will be provided.


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