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Self Test on Male Erectile Dysfunction
(aka 'MED', 'impotence', 'acratia')

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Do you show related symptoms?

The following self test screens for symptoms of Male Erectile Dysfunction (also known as 'MED' or 'impotence') and also tests the ED risk score, combined with a test on prostate enlargement developed by Bayer®. By that, it is an easy (and in its kind unique) way to test not only on the existence of Erectile Dysfunction (chronical Erectile Dysfuntion), but at the same time also the probability of constitutional causes, especially potentially harmful ones like a prostate enlargment with a single test. Additionally, psychological components of Erectile Dysfunctions are evaluated - consequently, this test can provide utmost marksmanship at finding out about presumable causes of an eventually detected Erectile Dysfunction.

Please note: because of the conditions of a test like this and with the following list of questions, this test shouldn't be mistaken a diagnostic test - it can not replace a medical, psychological or therapeutic diagnosis or preventive medical checkups. Prostate cancer, for example, can occur without showing any physiological discomfort. In suspicious cases it is thereby strongly suggested to undergo a test or evaluation at a doctor to exlude health risks as a reason.

The test involves 24 questions and will take about 5 minutes to complete.
After submitting your answers, your results will be displayed.

Privacy is considered as important by me as a psychotherapist: your answers will be saved for statistical reasons, but without any personal reference which would allow a conclusion about your identity. To avoid abuse of this questionnaire, your IP address will be recorded.

Instructions and complementary notes

The results will be more accurate if you answer honestly.
Please answer spontaneously, without dithering too long.

1. How many times during the last 4 weeks did you have the feeling that your bladder wasn't completely emptied after urination?
2. How many times during the last 4 weeks did you have to urinate another time within 2 hours?
3. How many times during the last 4 weeks did it happen that you had to stop urination a few times just to restart again after a few seconds ('sputtering out' rather than a regular stream)?
4. How many times during the last 4 weeks did you have difficulties to delay urinating?
5. How many times during the last 4 weeks did you have a soft jet of urine during urination?
6. How many times during the last 4 weeks did you have to press or strain yourself to start with urination?
7. At an average, how many times during the last 4 weeks did you get up for urination per night?
8. Did you undergo an operation in the pelvis minor ('small pelvis')?
9. Do you suffer from Diabetes mellitus?
10. Do you suffer from arterial occlusive disease?
11. Do you suffer from heart disease?
12. Are you a smoker?
13. Do you suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure)?
14. How confident are you about getting an erection and keeping it up?
15. If you had an erection during sexual stimulation, how often was it strong enough to insert your penis?
16. How many times were you able to keep up your erection after inserting your penis during sex?
17. How difficult was it to keep up your erection until the end of your sexual intercourse?
18. If you tried to have sexual intercourse, how many times was it satisfying?
19. In recent times, I had less sex with my partner because I was afraid of not getting an erection or not being able to keep it up.
20. Compared with 3-5 years ago, it is distinctly more difficult to get and/or keep up an erection.
21. I feel tension/nervosity before having sex.
22. During sex, I intentionally check the strength of my erection.
23. During masturbation, I have difficulties to get and/or keep up an erection.
24. During orgasm, my penis is very hard.

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I live in:
State of living:
Do you currently have personal problems burdening you?
Self-assessment in regards of Erectile Dysfunction:

If you answered YES to both previous questions ('self-assessment' and 'personal problems'):
Do you think having private problems caused by your erection problems or did existing problems increase due to them?
(0=no private problems caused by erection problems
3=serious private problems caused by erection problems):

Are you currently undergoing a psychotherapy, sex therapy or counseling?
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Which of the following categories describes your primary occoupation best?

Click "Analyze!", after that the result will be displayed (if the questionnaire was completed).