Counseling in Vienna by Richard L. Fellner

Psychotherapist, Coach, Counselor, Supervisor in Vienna, Austria

This page contains general information about the basic conditions of psychotherapy / counselling as well as specific information about my own practice in Vienna - as information for my clients. Both kinds of information can be outlined individually, if required.

How long does Psychotherapy / Counseling take?

The duration of successful Psychotherapy or Counseling depends on your problem and the counselor / psychotherapist. Generally, analytical methods (Psychoanalysis, Jungian Psychology, Individual Psychology, Imaginative Psychotherapy etc.) take several years and require frequent sessions (even several a week), while solution-focused and brief therapy (Systemic Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Behavioural Therapy may show signs of symptom relief (which doesn't necessarily mean consistent healing!) after 10-20 sessions. With these methods, sessions are usually held every 1-2 weeks, but should be continued for some time with a longer time between sessions even after the symptoms have not been evident for a few days or weeks.
Nevertheless, length of treatment and session frequency do not necessarily relate to effectiveness - all approved psychotherapeutic methods have their merits, and not every method works for everyone.
Personally, I aim at giving an appraisal of the expected duration of therapy/counseling by the end of the first consultation, depending on the problem. Because I apply brief therapy methods, the first signs of improvement may already be evident after a few sessions.

Fees for Psychotherapy & Counseling

My fees, as regulated by the Austrian federation for Psychotherapy (OeBVP), are shown in the table below. Minimum and maximum fees depend on practice and other costs. As of May, 2006.

Fees for individual sessions, sexual counseling, couple therapy / relationship counseling, group therapy:

  min.max.My Practice
Individual50 minfrom 66.00up to 132.00€ 100,-
Group90 minfrom 25.00up to 44.00€ 40,-
Couple50 minfrom 66.00up to 132.00€ 120,-1

Fee for Couple Therapy / Relationship Counseling is the total amount. (not per person)

1 in Relationship Counseling / Couple Therapy, a flexible duration of sessions has proved useful. However, for all sessions exceeding 1 unit (50min), I will only charge for the time we actually required.

Fees for Coaching, Supervision, Group Therapy, trainings etc:

Personal Coaching50 min€ 120,-
Sex Therapy / Sexual counseling50 min€ 120,-
Group training50 min**
Supervision (single)50 min€ 100,-
Supervision (group*)130 min€ 180,-
(e.g., Team development, Family dynamics,..)
Written Psychotherapeutic Expertise / Advice-€ 145,-
Written Psychotherapeutic Status Report-€ 75,-

*) continuous Supervision Groups: on request
**) on request (depending on no. of participants, topic, location,..)


How do I get an appointment?

The easiest way is to simply pick up the phone and call. Because many psychotherapists only offer appointments on certain weekdays, you may have to wait for the first appointment, but it's rarely more than 1-3 weeks.
Generally, it's advisable to make an appointment sooner rather than later - not just if there's already "fire on the roof"!
On the one hand, it reduces the problem should you have to wait a few weeks for the first session, and on the other hand, because psychological issues can be treated much more easily and quickly as long as they are not already deeply rooted in the human psyche.


What if I have to cancel my appointment?

Appointments that have already been arranged may have to be cancelled for whatever reason, by either party.
As with most fee-based services (specialists, craftsmen etc.), the appointment must be cancelled with "reasonable" notice. In psychotherapy, this usually means you have to call it off 2 days (48 hours) before the appointment, otherwise the fee has to be paid. The reason for this is because otherwise, no reasonable planning would be possible.. it would be virtually impossible to find another client to fill the unused slot within the remaining time. Nevertheless, the cancellation fee does not apply.
If, on the other hand, your therapist has to call off a meeting within these 48 hours (he could also fall ill, for example), he/she will usually offer you compensation for that as well.
Please note that the rules given here might differ with your own therapist/counselor! In fact, this jurisdiction (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) only applies if nothing else has been agreed between therapist and client (orally or in writing). If you have any questions or problems with these regulations, you should already discuss these issues at the beginning of the first session to avoid any misunderstanding at a later time.


Getting in touch..

Feel free to contact me in the following ways:

Fellner Richard L.

Appointments by reservation only
Tel: 0676 7209300

Main Practice
Fri / Sat / Sun: 1010 Vienna, Mahlerstraße 7 / 19
(Team practice in the 'Gustav Mahler Hof')
(close to the "Ringstraßen-Galerie", about 1 min. from U1/U2/U4 station "Karlsplatz")   [Map]

Mon: 1100 Vienna, Herzgasse 44 (in Outreach clinic)
(about 5-10 min. from U1 station "Reumannplatz")   [Map]

Tue: 1220 Vienna, Maria-Tusch-Straße 11
(Seestadt Aspern / in Outreach clinic; ca. 5-10 min. from U2 station "Aspern Seestadt")   [Map]

or you can arrange an appointment by email