Confidentiality in psychotherapy allows to even openly talk about very personal or intimate issues.


When dealing with complex issues, it is comforting to be able to trust a well-experienced therapist.

Solution focused

As a systemic therapist/counselor, the focus of my work is on overcoming the obstacles that kept you from achieving solutions so far.

Time Frame

Often, clients/patients are surprised how quickly improvements can be achieved. How 'deep' you want to dig afterwards, you are deciding by yourself.

On my website

The German language version was one of the first in the German language Internet dedicated to in-depth information for clients and patients on psychotherapy and counseling (focus Vienna, Austria). If you happen to speak German, feel free to visit it and to browse through the large collection on guidance articles and free services related to psychotherapy you can find there!

Browse through my pages translated to the English language - and give me feedback if you have suggestions or ideas!


I'm usually offering in person, but also through online counseling:


Satisfaction with life and personal growth during times of crisis may be one of the goals for a psychotherapy.

Couple Counseling

Relationships grow and go through challenging crises - couple counseling can help to set the right steps.

Sex Therapy

Counseling and therapy for burdening sexual issues / disorders (specialized in male sexual disorders)

Pedagogic Counseling

Support for parents during challenging times with their children and teenagers.

Coaching & Supervision

Coaching for job-related goals and challenges and supervision for people with psychosocial professions.


Psychotherapeutic diagnostics and expertises related to my main fields of work.

Make Appointment

If you're interested in a first consultation, just send me a request by email (ideally with a proposal of 2-3 options, one of which should also fit for me) or give me a call.

At the end of a first consultation it's usually possible to give you an interim assessment of the situation and to outline a treatment strategy. After that, you can decide whether you - based on this feedback - want to continue with further sessions. You decide, if, when and how you want to begin working on your issues!

About myself

Richard L. Fellner, MSc., DSP

Psychotherapist & Counselor
Sex Therapist
Dipl. Social Pedagogue

"Are You Living Your Dream?"

Fees / Medical Fee

The fee for psychotherapy and counseling is calculated based on units of 50 minutes. For longer sessions (like usually for couple sessions) I'm only charging for the time we really used / max. 2 units. Online counseling is discounted. You can find detailed list of fees, insurance options and general conditions here.


100 / u

  • 50 minutes
  • 1st session may take longer (no additional fees)
  • Consultations by appointment
  • 1 person

Sex Counseling

120 / u

  • 50 minutes
  • 1st session may take longer (no additional fees)
  • Consultations by appointment
  • 1 person

Online Counseling

90 / u

  • 50 minutes
  • Fees only based on actual duration
  • Consultations by appointment
  • 1+ persons

Common questions

  • Do I even need a psychotherapy?

    There is no 'minimum amount of suffering' one has to endure to 'justify' starting a psychotherapy or couple therapy. You could rather ask yourself: do I really want to live with all this emotional strain for an unknown amount of time - or don't I rather want to seek professional support to be able to work on a solution of my burden in a more targeted and efficient manner? more..

  • Different approaches of psychotherapy produce quite similar results as modern efficiency studies in psychotherapy showed. Of comparatively high relevance however is a good and trusting relationship with the therapist, and to consequently stick to the therapeutic process until lasting success could be achieved. More..

  • When paying for your psychotherapy, couple counseling or sex therapy by yourself, the cost per session will usually range between € 90 - € 120,- (also in my own practice, see table above). In certain cases partial refunds by social or private insurances are possible. Mehr..

  • For psychotherapy (for me as a psychotherapist consequently also in couple therapy and sex therapy) I feel strongly committed to the Austrian Law for Psychotherapy (Österreichisches Psychotherapiegesetz, PthG). What we're talking about will not leave the practice - even at chance encounters out of it I'd usually not show any indication that we know each other. It's paramount to me that my clients/patients can absolutely rely on my confidentiality about their private matters. Mehr..

  • My experience shows that most psychological issues and disorders can be treated with psychotherapy quite successfully. If during the first consultation I get the impression that the issues are too burdening and energy sapping, I will recommend an additional appointment with a psychiatrist to look for an appropriate prescription (maybe additional diagnostics as well). Mehr..

Make Contact

Please note my disclaimer regarding exclusion of liability which basically tells that I - if only for technical reasons - can't guarantee a reply, and the cancellation policy. In certain situations - like an acute personal crisis - I strongly advise you to personally contact a psychotherapist of your choice in your residential area or to arrange a face-to-face appointment instead of waiting for a 'virtual answer' on an Internet inquiry!


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