About this blog..

Since 2 years I’m already maintaining my ‘Psychotherapie-Blog‘ on my German-language site now, it was about time to start translating at least some of the articles there to the English language as well.
Not only are there astounding observations I can make in my therapeutic practice at times, sometimes there are thoughts or experiences I hear about of which I’ve often enough been thinking: ‘couldn’t that be of interest for others as well, maybe even helpful?’ At other times, I stumble upon interesting studies or 3rd party articles on the web which are certainly worth of sharing with interested visitors of a website that basically tries to explain and inform about psychotherapy and counseling .

In other words: feel invited to visit this blog from time to time to take a peek at my ‘virtual logbook’. You can use the “RSS Feed” link in the navigation bar (right) to receive updates and of course I’m excited about your feedback – either directly below the articles themselves or using the contact form of my website.

Guest comments

Did you notice the link titled ‘Guest Column’ in the blog’s navigation bar? Here you can find contributions by other therapists and counselors on a more or less regular basis.

One of my concerns has always been the networking within the scene of psychotherapists and counselors (which is why I once founded a platform for systemic therapists and coaches, Systemischer-Diskurs.at). Thus, I welcome inventive or otherwise interesting papers or articles by colleagues. Whoever has time and desire to share his or her therapeutic experiences or thoughts with an interested community of readers is heartly welcome to ‘co-blog’ (email)!

Richard L. Fellner

(Psychotherapist & Counselor, Coach, Supervisor, Hypnotherapist, Sex Therapist)