Counseling in Vienna by Richard L. Fellner

Self Test

Could Relationship Counseling be helpful?

Please mark the sentences that feel right:

Affection & Trust



Shared interests

Boundaries & Territories

Solidarity & Reciprocity

Power & Status

Willingness to forgive



"Skeletons in the closet" / same old..


The more of these quotes apply to your situation, the more it might make sense to get yourself counseling and support (but you could as well consider a single match as sufficient enough to do so - it all depends on the value, expectations and demands you put in your relationship). Usually, the sooner someone starts with counseling or pair therapy, the higher the chances for it's success - probably because both partners are not that much accustomed to inappropriate strategies at the early stages of a crisis. Sometimes, remarkable improvements or significant relieve can already be accomplished after just a few sessions.

If it feels important to you to improve your relationship or if there were times when the aforementioned problems were clearly smaller or not existant at all, you may want to contact a therapist, counselor or an information center in your area. My experience shows that in most cases, it doesn't matter too much whether your partner participates in the first session or not (though it's by no doubt the better way to start). Ultimately, pair therapy/relationship counseling can also help to clearify -together with a professionally trained, neutral person- whether there is enough potential for a change or for finding a solution by both partners.

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