Counseling in Vienna by Richard L. Fellner

When can psychotherapy prove helpful?

Whoever suffers from issues or psychological burden he or she can't resolve by his/her own (or if resolving those issues isn't posible anymore), shouldn't hesitate to look for professional help - just as we are used to do it in case of physical health issues. This especially applies if this burden already lasts for some time or if the symptoms got worse. If you don't feel sure whether psychotherapy or counseling is indicated or not, but want to feel safe about it, you might want to hear an expert's opinion about your situation, possible reasons for your problems, ideas on how to deal with them efficiently, and then decide yourself. Another option is to undergo a psychological test.
Still, it will be completely up to you whether you want to start psychotherapy or counseling sessions or not - a serious desire to work on your issues and to get rid of your problems is one of the most relevant factors to achieve good results anyway. Another condition for successful psychotherapy is the will to seriously deal with the current situation and - supported by your therapist - to work on resolving the problems.

Common indications for psychotherapy:

On my website you can also find a selftest which may support you in assessing whether psychotherapy could help you in resolving your problems.

But there might be other reasons as well to decide for undergoing psychotherapy or booking counseling sessions - here are some of the reasons that brought former clients to my practice: "I want to ..."

Sex Therapy can be an aspect of Psychotherapy. The following issues might result in the decision to undergo sex therapy or sexual counselling:

Even in our educated society and large cities, many people have hard times to overcome their inhibitions to call upon sex therapy sessions. Most persons with sexual issues are convinced that they're pretty much the only ones having to deal with them - undoubtedly, all other persons of their sex are 'normal', sexually active and overall happy! ..what a fatal mistake.

But it doesn't necessarily have to be one's very own strain taking someone to a counselor - sometimes, questions regarding the relationship or problems of the partner him/herself are occupying the mind. It might as well be a certain attribute or behavior pattern (not at all being a problem for her/himself) that is developing into a problem one feels difficulties to deal with.

Especially in Relationship Counseling, attention is given to support in the development or expansion of the following skills:

What can Psychotherapy do for me?

As different as the reasons for psychotherapy might be, as different and manifold are the possible learning experiences and effects of a therapy. Basically, you may assume that you will learn and experience the following in a psychotherapy:

An essential part of my own approach on psychotherapy is to utilize the self healing power waiting to be activated in just every person. Because the resources of oneself Denn die eigenen Resourcen sowie jene der Umwelt (sie einzubeziehen, ist ein wichtiger und äußerst hilfreicher Ansatz der Systemischen Therapie) sind optimal dazu geeignet, eine individuell "passende" Lösung zu erreichen - und auch nach dem Abschluß der Therapie, im "rauhen Alltag", wieder gut weitertun zu können.

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