Self-Test Psychopathy / Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Self-Assessment on Psychopathy /
Narcissistic Personality Disorder
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This self checks for traits of the following personality disorders:

  • Psychopathy / Antisocial Personality Disorder
  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  • Histrionic Personality Disorder

To achieve as accurate results as possible, this self-assessment combines screening methods based on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist (used in contemporary research and clinical practice to assess psychopathy) and clinical markers for narcissistic personalities and histrionic personality disorder according to the diagnostic manuals DSM-IV and ICD-10. The test thus has a relatively high potential to achieve reliable results even when done over the Internet - however, it has to be mentioned that particularly for the personality disorders tested, the quality of the result might be lower if the person doesn't answer honestly or is delusional, both parameters that are actually potential traits of a psychopathic or antisocial personality.

There is much confusion about the meanings and differences between psychopathy, sociopathy, antisocial and histrionic personality disorder, and much more so amongst persons who sense problems in their relation to others but need orientation on where these problems might derive from. This test tries to assist with that.
However, for the reasons outlined above and because of the conditions involved in an online-test, it shouldn't be mistaken as a diagnostic test: it can not replace a psychological, therapeutic or psychiatric diagnosis. So if there is any doubt or if a reliable diagnosis is needed, it is strongly recommended to consult a psychologist, an experienced psychotherapist or psychiatrist for a more reliable and neutral assessment.

The test involves 42 questions and will take about 10-15 minutes to complete.
After submitting your answers, your results will be displayed (completely free of charge).

Privacy is considered as important by me as a psychotherapist: your answers will be saved for statistical reasons, but without any personal reference that would allow conclusions about your identity.

Instructions and complementary notes

  • Some of the questions in the test may sound a bit offensive. The results, however, will be more accurate if you answer honestly.
  • While most of the other tests on my website recommend to answer spontaneously, in view of the particular personality disorders this test screens for, it is recommended you consider whether other persons would share your self-assessment in the responses.
  • please answer all questions and don't leave any of them unanswered -
    a result will only be displayed if you completed the questionnaire.
1. I can be very smooth, engaging, charming, slick. I can give a very self-conscious and confident impression, and it is hard to make me speechless; I can talk someone into the ground if needed.
2. I can be very self-assured, opinionated, even a braggart. Sometimes I might have an inflated view of my abilities and be cocky.
3. I can be shrewd, crafty, sly and clever - if needed, I can also be deceptive, unscrupulous, underhanded, manipulative, and dishonest.
4. In my life, I have repeatedly used deceit and deception to cheat, con, or defraud others for my personal gain; to be honest, often I don't have much concern for the feelings and suffering of others.
5. I often don't feel much concern for possible losses or suffering of the persons I leave behind. Actually I feel that some of them didn't deserve it better for their dullness or the way they behaved towards myself.
6. People have told me that I can be quite cold to others. I can be and behave very gregarious - but still, I don't have very warm feelings for the majority of people I'm surrounded with. If such feelings exist, they can pass quickly or turn into open conflict if my interests are violated.
7. I would say that I have a lack of feelings toward people in general; and I know that some people think I am cold, inconsiderate, or call me tactless.
8. If something goes wrong, I rarely take full responsibility but tend to manipulate or to put the blame on others to divert from my own failures.
9. At times, I feel a strong need for novel, thrilling, and exciting stimulation, I get bored easily. This might result in me taking chances and doing things that are risky. Carrying tasks through 'to the bitter end' or staying in the same job for a longer time can feel very difficult for me.
10. Significant amounts of the money I have made I have made by intentionally exploiting or manipulating others. With 'classic' forms of work, I often feel a lack of motivation, a problem with my self-discipline, or to complete my responsibilities.
11. There are times when I can't help to be irritable, annoying, impatient, to threaten others, be aggressive (verbally or physically). I already found myself in several situations when I couldn't control my anger and temper anymore, leading to serious conflicts, bans or friendships breaking up.
12. I have failed several times to develop and execute long-term plans and goals. It would be fair to say that I live a nomadic existence and lack direction in life.
13. Occasionally, I find myself in unpremeditated situations out of a lack of reflection or planning or consideration of the consequences of what I start with. It is hard for me to emotionally resist temptations, frustrations, and urges. I have a tendency to rash, to act unpredictable, erratic, and reckless.
14. I can have hard times to fulfill or honor obligations and commitments, such as paying bills or loans, to keep up the standard of my work or contractual agreements.
15. I remember lying, stealing, cheating, bullying, fire-setting or vandalizing before I was 13. By then, I also already had been drunk for the first time, or used drugs or had sex. If I had already been running away from home at (or before) that age is another reason to click 'applies'.
16. Between the age of 13-18, I had problems related to crimes, exploitation, aggression, manipulation, or out of a lack of a empathy.
17. In my life, I already had an experience of a probation or other conditional release being revoked due to technical violations, such as carelessness, low deliberation, or failing to appear.
18. It is hard for me to commit to long-term relationships. Compared to others, the commitments I make are relatively inconsistent, undependable, and unreliable.
19. I have hard times committing to romantic relationships (or don't even want them). I have had many brief relations and affairs, and my choice in sexual partners can be very indiscriminate depending on my mood and chances. I can have several relationships at the same time - and am not shy to talk about my 'sexual conquests'. When I feel the urge to do so, I can act very enticing and convincing to 'coerce' others into sexual activity.
20. In my life, I did many things that could be considered criminal by a court, even if I have never been arrested or convicted so far. Regardless of that, I usually feel a positive emotional kick whenever I get away without consequences.
21. I think that I have a certain awareness of weak spots in our system and or society. Sometimes this skill comes in useful to get what I want.
22. I often exaggerate my achievements and talents. I expect people to show respect or even accept me as superior, regardless of me having commensurate achievements or not.
23. Sometimes, I find myself fantasizing about unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love.
24. I would think that I am "special" and unique. I prefer to associate with people of similar status and/or think that only they can fully understand me.
25. Admiration is something I can never get enough of. At times, I actively look out for it and can feel bad if I don't receive it.
26. I can be very disappointed or even angry if I am not treated the way I was expecting it or if things don't go my way / as I was expecting it.
27. I can be quite envious of others, or sometimes I can't help the feeling that others are envious of myself.
28. I know from myself that I can be quite arrogant and haughty at times.
29. My behavior or the way I feel is different from what is expected or accepted in the culture I grew up in in at least 2 of the following areas:
a) the way I perceive and interpret things, people, and events
b) the range, intensity of my affects or the 'appropriateness' in the way I display my emotions
c) control over my impulses and gratification of my needs
d) the way I relate to others and handle interpersonal situations.
30. The deviation mentioned in question #29 either feels completely justified to me - and when it doesn't, it is anything else than easy for me to take another perspective or to adapt my behavior to fit in. The deviations mentioned are not restricted to just one "triggering" stimulus but can affect a range of personal and social situations
(if you answered #29 with "doesn't apply", select it here as well).
31. Refering to #30, the fact that my relationships or certain situations can be affected by my difficulties to adapt, is causing me distress and/or has a diverse impact on my social environment at times.
32. My first memories of feeling or behaving differently (as mentioned in question #29) go back to my late childhood or adolescence.
33. I don't suffer from organic brain diseases, injuries, or dysfunctions.
34. To feel good in a group of people, I need attention - just listening for long time makes me feel uncomfortable.
35. My interactions with others often have a sexually seductive or provocative undertone (some might see it as inappropriate).
36. My emotions can shift rapidly - maybe that's because as a matter of fact, they usually don't go very deep.
37. I give lots of attention to my physical appearance to draw positive attention to myself.
38. In my speech, I emphasize emotions and impression over detail.
39. I tend to dramatize and exaggerate my display of emotions and can be quite theatrical.
40. Certain circumstances or people can have a strong influence on me, to the extent that I might change my plans or goals. I'd call myself suggestible.
41. Sometimes I am not sure whether the relationships I have are as intimate as I consider them to be. But then, I am not sure if I really need the full amount of depth - if I don't feel right, I might as well move on to surround myself with people who appreciate me more.
42. Generally, I am hungry for excitement and good entertainment, and to be honest, I love situations where I'm the center of attention.

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