Apr 22

There is a high number of research studies about strategies to treat and fight pain – so, what does really help?

In psychology and hypnotherapy it is well-known that our psyche is one of the most important control points for pain relief. Many readers of this blog will already have read about the surprisingly good effect of placebos in pain management. Now psychologists at the Sun Yat-Sen University, the University of Minnesota and the University of Florida recently discovered that money also shows effects similar to placebos or at least has comparably positive influences on people suffering from pain. Although the trials did not really meet the highest scientific standards, they showed a clear tendency for the subjects who previously had physical contact with banknotes or induced fantasies of wealth, to respond with significantly reduced pain perception. Similarly, a reverse effect was apparent, namely higher expectation of pain at the loss of money. Money images relaxed stressful situations, and psychological and physical pain and suffering, while lack of money increased the suffering.