Jan 12

A test checking for traits of the following personality disorders has just been put online:

  • Psychopathy / Antisocial Personality Disorder
  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  • Histrionic Personality Disorder

Even among professionals, there is confusion about the meanings and differences between psychopathy, sociopathy, antisocial and histrionic personality disorder, and much more so amongst persons who sense problems in their relation to others but need orientation on where these problems might derive from. This test tries to assist in checking for traits of each of these disorders separately and then giving separate results for each of them.


To achieve as accurate results as possible, this self-assessment combines screening methods based on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist (used in contemporary research and clinical practice to assess psychopathy) and clinical markers for narcissistic personalities and histrionic personality disorder according to the diagnostic manuals DSM-IV and ICD-10. The test thus has a relatively high potential to achieve reliable results even when done over the Internet – however, it has to be mentioned that particularly for the personality disorders tested, the quality of the result might be lower if the person doesn’t answer honestly or is delusional, both parameters that are actually potential traits of a psychopathic or antisocial personality.

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  1. Comment by Peter:

    WOW! – The fact that these tests are available online is potentially great news for the world at large…

    It is HIGH time that the people gain opportunity to prevent mentally distorted “high achievers” from gaining positions of power.
    – (Eg.s – Hitler, Gadaffi, Kim II-sung,… and countless other historical and current “leaders”, coporporate executives (the Enron crooks, Bernard Madoff…), politicians, lobbyists….

    In my opinion, if properly implemented, this holds potential for the well intentioned masses (the 99%?) to take back control from those are simply unfit to weild power over others lives.

    I believe that access to tools like this through the internet may yet be humanity’s salvation. Thank you for this important contribution !!!

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  3. Comment by Genesis:

    I sometimes do feel no empathy towards others, I’m happy to find out that I am a Full Fledged Psychopath……. :-)

  4. Comment by Jade:

    I’d like to point out that just because you do a test on the Internet does not mean that you are suddenly a psychopath.
    Btw Peter, when running a co-operation the best thing for you is to hire a psychopath. Just hope your not stupid enough to accidentally give them too much control x

  5. Comment by Peter:

    Reply to Jade – I don’t think anyone is “suddenly” a psychopath, but I do think that, (as with many mental or physical diseases/disorders), early diagnosis can be a huge factor in improving, or recovering from, the condition. If a person scores high on a self-test, then its likely a good idea to get a professional’s opinion, and likely some psychotherapy.

    Also when running a corporation, it is clearly and definately NOT the best thing to hire a psychopath, (I speak from experience on this and 11 years later I’m still dealing with the legal aftermath, while the psychopath has long since “left the building” (and city) in search of new prey). Also psychopaths TAKE power, they don’t wait to be given it. But I’m certainly not “stupid enough” to involve myself with another one thanks.

    Good people run good corporations – like the Bill Gates and Warren Buffet types of the world. Psychopaths tend to lie, cheat, steal and sometimes far worse. You can’t simply limit or control their actions like a dog on a tether.

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  7. Comment by Michael Lawrence:

    This test is total bullshit. I real psychopath would ‘pass’ this test easily. I strongly suspect that people taking this test want to be considered psychopaths, which is somewhat psychopathic, but that alone does not make you one.

  8. Comment by Dangerous Dan:

    Wow 93.7% a fully fledged psychopath … But happy non the less

  9. Comment by Colton Thomas:

    My friend asked me to take this test on a dare, and to answer as truthfully as possible.
    I got high percentages with everything (except being Narcissistic),
    and my lowest percentage was 66%.
    Everything else was much higher.
    Is this a troll test that tells EVERYONE that they’re Psychos, or what? Because I feel perfectly sane. :(

  10. Comment by Homonyms:

    I took the test because I rather not be a pyschopath and in fact I’ve taken multiple test including clinical ones and sadly I get 100% everytime lol oh well life goes on huh? LOL

  11. Comment by Eunoia:

    This is a self-reporting test – surely, apart from aspects like crime, no evidence is available. Would a psychopath wish to be discovered? What do THEY get out of it (since the disorder is the belief that they deserve everything)?

    I know MRI using emotional scenes will reliably show a BIG difference in certain areas of the brain. There MAY be tricks to avoid it (like wiggling ones toes in a lie-detector test) but who will find them and then, is it in their interest to make the information known?

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  13. Comment by Osiris:

    Just because “psychopaths” are better than you at pretty much everything doesn’t mean you have to fucking cry about it. Face it, you’re below us for a reason.

  14. Comment by Harmonica:

    R.E. Peter’s comment: strange.
    Unless some great psychopathic dictator suddenly has a completely uncharacteristic mid-life crisis that brings him to take to internet testing in a drive to discover his true nature, is then ‘cured’ of his disorder and suddenly renounces his power… Erm… Yep, can’t quite see this net testing revolution taking place myself.

  15. Comment by Harmonica:

    Have to say, questions 29 and 30 are very awkwardly written and as a result are nearly impossible to answer:
    “The deviation mentioned in question #29 either feels completely justified to me – and when it doesn’t, it is anything else than easy for me to take another perspective or to adapt my behavior to fit in.”
    That sentence just doesn’t work… ‘Either’ what?
    This might make sense:
    “…either feels completely justified to me OR, when it doesn’t, it isn’t easy for me to take another perspective or adapt my behavior to fit in.” That might be answerable.
    Yes, I’m a narcissist 😉 …but I write too.

  16. Comment by NotSoCrazyGeoff:

    While I’m not even close, my exwife probably is and my current wife might be. She is entirely cold towards me now that she has what she wanted (a child so she can collect support in event of divorce) with viscious mood swings. Of course, when she was trying to win my affection in the early stage of the relationship she pretended to be warm and affectionate, typical manipulative behavior. Sound familiar guys? I am easily manipulated and am far too laid back which makes me an easy target for psychopaths. So it’s time to stay away from women in general I guess since every one I’ve met over the years mainpulates the hell out of me, all give (by me) and no take, little to nothing is given in return. Tired of bending over backwards for others happiness and getting tromped on. I no longer wonder why 50% or more of marriages fail now, too many sociopaths and psychopaths out there for the institution to succeed. It’s too bad so many kids, like my little girls, pay the price in the sense that they are raised in broken homes, torn between two homes, ‘bounced around’, generally don’t live as fulfilling a childhood as they could have if one of their parents wasn’t a sociopath. I wish there was a pee-test to take before marriage so the marriage license gets revoked if one or both of the people are psychopaths (because a verbal/written test like this can be manipulated by psycho’s, because manipulating is what they excel at).

  17. Comment by are you serious?:

    so :
    50% psychopath ok
    60% antisocial ( im not surprised , i took different online tests and the results were about 65% though i ‘d cry if i see a kitten die , i must have a distorted perception of myself)

    the problem is : are there high chances that i am a narcissist? what?:O i tried to commint suicide last year why would a “narcy” do it? i never thought that i was smarter or anything more than average , actually i thought the opposite … of course it would be cool if i was venerated but this will never happen .

    there are high chances that i am histrionic , mmm i cant say anything about this since im not informed enough..

    100% personality disorder … i knew my mind was fucked up

  18. Comment by Dozy B:

    The results are as expected. I’m not a psychopath but suffer PTSD as a result of having worked for no less than 3 of them – all in the same organisation! All are excellent at covering their tracks until with hindsight you analyse their actions.
    I’m told the problem arises from being raised by a psychopath. I had absolutely no idea their sort of behaviour was anything abnormal so was completely defenceless against behaviours others would have drawn the line at.
    The sad thing for the psychopaths who caused the PTSD is they’re still at work & paying into the fund that pays my disability pension…

  19. Comment by alice:

    this test told me that i might be a psychopath and i think that explain A LOT and i hope that this test is not a troll like other tests. i 100% answer the questions HONESTLY

  20. Comment by Mark:

    I was two years younger than my horrible psychopath brother that took geat pleasures in destroying my parents simply to force every penny they had from them. He abused them like traped caged animals that he poked for fun until they died in misery.

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  22. Comment by carlito21:

    Quiet frankly…the reason ppl do this test is not so they can self diagnose themselves a psychopaths. Atleast not deliberatley. I believe…which most ppl would agree…u have that doubt in the back of ur head that something is just a little “off” about you. Ive always felt more attractctive and unique than others. More special. Intelligent. Sophisticated. Envied…or atleast “envy-worthy”. Whatever. Nevertheless…could that be narcissism or just fact? Which is why I did the test. To conclude for myself what bothered me. I answered as truthfully as possible. 43 percent psychopath. Not a phycopath at all it says. Which I had no doubt. But it shows strong eveidence of a narrcistic disorder and historionic disorder. With these results…maybe I can look into these even more and sepf help myself. Who knows what I will do tbh. But…some comments posted say this test is bulls hit. Others say ppl do this because they want to be diagnosed as a psychopath…I believe it is a guide and I dicator this test and that ppl do this to find a bit of light.

  23. Comment by Jilly:

    I did this test, not because I think I have a problem (I don’t, and scored low), but because I have a close working relationship (and ex-sexual relationship) with someone who I believe does have a problem, and his behavior is very challenging at times, not just towards me, but also towards others. I re-took the test as if I was him, and scored high in all three areas. I had thought he only had psychopathic traits, and didn’t know about the other disorders before seeing this test. I would never have described him as histrionic or a narcissist, but the description really does fit. However, I think if he had taken the test himself, he would not have answered the same, as I’m convinced he does not recognize his own behavior. Is there an ‘objective’ survey for testing other people who demonstrate possible psychopathic / histrionic / narcissistic behavior?

  24. Comment by r.l.fellner:

    Hello Jilly, there can’t be an ‘objective’ test for these syndroms, as the syndrome itself is nothing ‘absolute’, nothing physical that more persons would describe in identical ways. If you as someone who has emotional feelings towards this person are doing the test ‘as if you were him’, the results would most likely be biased. I’d prefer to say that if you have issues with this person and if your relationship didn’t work out, that should be enough. It doesn’t need a ‘certificate’ that would label him as a psychopath or whatever the possible diagnosis (if done by a psychiatrist, psychologist or psychotherapist) he would receive if he were ready to find out more about himself. If both of you would want to continue with a relationship though and want to overcome the issues both of you had to deal with, it would probably be advisable to consult a couple therapist.

    Best wishes,

  25. Comment by Sorter:

    I may have answered “fully applies” to 85% of these questions and “somewhat applies” to the rest, but the circumstances in which they “fully” or “somewhat” apply for me are not evil or malicious. In fact no one who has known me would view me in those ways. I feel like a lot of these traits are common in people. Being narcissitic is one thing, but being a psychopath because I find meaning in myself instead of interpersonal relationships is a bit reaching.

  26. Comment by Dr. John:

    I found your online PCL-R to be very useful…I scored under 9, but do have non-specified personality character deficiencies, namely a co-dependent or dependent personality traits. And, yes, I was recently involved with a malignant narcissistic sociopathic borderline female who is an extremely toxic with her promiscuity, constant trouble with the law, as well as emotionally and physically. She once told me she score high online as being a “sociopath” despite trying to “fool the test.” Well, she is gone from my life and is still sitting in jail after recently recently battering me in my home. I have legally evicted her and likely going to obtain a Temporary Order of Protection or TOP.

  27. Comment by Dr. John:

    Note I left out “abusive” above after “emotionally and physically”…see also busted my prescription glasses resulting in making more grammatical and spelling mistakes more often. Well, it’s time to see my Ophthalmologist again for my yearly examination. All the best…

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