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The (Inter-)Netiquette

Objectives of the Psychotherapy Forum

The Psychotherapy Forum is a platform on which generally interested or people affected or sufferering from psychological problems can exchange experiences about questions regarding Psychotherapy, Couple Therapy, Family Therapy and Sex Therapy. Comments and suggestions posted in this forum reflect the positions of their respective authors, but not necessarily mine.

Limitations of the Psychotherapy Forum

Participation in the Psychotherapy Forum can't make up for undergoing a Psychotherapy or professional counselling. As a result, it is your responsibility to consult a Psychotherapist, medical doctor, neurologist or psychiatrist if you suffer from mental or psychological problems, if your condition changes to the worse or if you find yourself inmidst a psychological crisis.
By registering on this forum/board and by saving your comments on this website, you acknowledge the above limitations, the legal conditions and the following rules of this board. [->>Rechtshinweise].

Netiquette - conditions of participation

The "Netiquette" defines the basic conditions for participation on this board/forum. It is based on experiences with Internet communication and related settings on the Internet and intends to help and support you to not only use the board efficiently yourself, but also to help others to enjoy it. Even more - the fact that this board deals with psychological issues and problems and that quite sensible and delicate topics are raised here, results in the limitation that only members are welcome who are willing and able to deal with other people on an esteemed and respectful basis.

I feel that it is important that you as a visitor of this board respect the following basic rules. Please understand that we (me as the owner of this website and the moderators of this board) might remove postings violating these rules or even disable user accounts if this happens repeatedly.

1) Please do not post any messages that harass, insult, belittle, threaten another member or guest. Kindness and respect is required of all who choose to use any of our forums.

2) Please be open and honest in all your posting, remember this is not the place for meaningless debate but questions and answers with a little discussion thrown in.

3) Due to copyright laws, if you are quoting from an outside source you must cite the source of the quotation or the quote will be removed.

4) Please do not post anything with the intent to put down medicine, psychology or psychotherapy in general or any posts or urls able to damage the credibility of people working in the health sector, as we can not verify the validity and circumstances of your complaint. Please contact the local arbitration boards or patient advisors instead. This includes links to websites in profiles and signatures. This also includes posts that have as the sole purpose to upset members and cause high volumes of responses ('trolling').

5) Please refrain from cross-posting the same message in multiple forums, try write clearly and give your postings a meaningful and precise subject line. If you would like your post moved to another section of the website please send a message to one of our moderators. We will be glad to move your post for you. Duplicate threads will be locked or removed. There is no right for the removal of posts, so please just post on this board (and just post stuff on this board) what is okay for you and avoid posting any personal details about your or others which would allow it to find out personal identities behind the persons described in your posts.

6) This site is not to be used as a place to advertise your personal businesses. If you have posted a business link or requests for participation in your TV shows, in your scientific work, in discussions, self help groups or whatever and are not an already active member of the forum, your link will be deleted and we reserve the right to complain at your ISP and/or company/boss, whatever. I am certainly not willing to pay the transmission costs for your personal advertising, even if you claim it is for 'public benefit'.

7) Please do not post feedback concerning a specific moderator or a member of the forum, whether it is the actions taken or not taken. To provide feedback, please use the provided private messaging service that is offered or e-mail if you do not have the ability to use the pm system.

8) Each member may only register one user name. Creating multiple usernames using multiple e-mail addresses will not be allowed. If a member is found to be posting with multiple usernames all but the oldest one will be deleted without further notice. In case of repeated violation of this rule, all your accounts may be banned permanently and I reserve the right to complain at your ISP.

9) You may be asked, by a moderator, administrator or another member, to clarify what exactly you are trying to say. Please do not take offense. In this mode of communication it is not always easy to be understood correctly. Please try to clarify your comments to the best of your ability. This will help alleviate many misunderstandings.

10) There are times when it may be necessary for a Moderator to edit a member's post. If this happens, the moderator will add a comment to the post or send a PM explaining the reason for the edit. The moderator will also make any necessary adjustments to the members post stating the post has been edited. Such as: Edited by moderator These may not be the exact words used but the post will be annotated to show that it was edited.

11) Concerning linking to external sites within postings: External web sites may be used as a reference when quoting from the site, however please do not use our forums to self-promote your articles and beliefs. Please know that the staff can and does check every link provided whether in post format or in your profiles. Links can and will be removed from either place without further notice if we feel that they are self promoting, doctrinally unsound, or used instead of interacting within the forum. If you are warned concerning this action and continue to abuse this privilege further action will be taken.

Please don't be shocked about the number of "rules" on this board - just compare it to any other interaction with people: if you behave politely and explain what you mean, you can friends and will be understood - at least after a while of trying seriously. ;-)

And now: feel welcome at the board and have good luck with your postings!


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