Welcome at Counseling-Office.com, maintained by Richard L. Fellner (Psychotherapist / Counselor, Coach and Supervisor in Vienna). This website is rebuilt from the base to mirror my huge German-language website in English, so step by step, you'll soon find a wide range of information, professional articles, and news about Psychotherapy, Coaching, Supervision, Couple Therapy and Sex Therapy.

Feel free to browse it and not only get a peek of my work, but hopefully also find enough information in case you are pondering with the thought of starting with a psychotherapy, counseling, couple counseling or coaching, but are living in another country than Austria or Thailand.

I especially tried to compile basic information supporting in the decision-making process of finding the 'right' method of psychotherapy and the 'right' therapist/counselor.

"Psychotherapy/Counseling - for me??"

There were times when people earned strange looks if they talked about visiting a psychotherapist or counselor, in Asian culture, for example, that's still very often the case. However, today psychotherapy belongs to the officially recognized healthcare professions - similar to medical science -, and especially in large western cities it's just normal to visit a psychotherapist or counselor during straining situations of life, ongoing personal distress or simply to 'care for oneself'. Psychotherapy and Counseling often simply means to utilize help, support and advice by a professionally trained and neutral person instead of just remaining stuck within the own system of thinking. I also see more couples accessing professional advice, i.e., couple therapy and counseling in case of serious problems in their relationships than years ago.

A good foundation for this development is the legal environment: in most European countries, for example, there exists something like an "Act on Psychotherapy", which ensures the scientificality and scholarly standards of certain psychotherapeutic methods (currently 19 methods in Austria and 3 in Germany) - unlike those plenty of other 'therapeutic' methods on the 'psycho market' - important to ensure utmost integrity and reliability not only of therapists, but also of the methods they are using to help their patients.

However, studies prove that for most psychological problems, its of relatively small relevance which therapeutic method is used, it's rather important to find the 'right' therapist or counselor. On this and many other topics you can find comprehensive suggestions and articles, as well as one of the largest collections of useful websites about Psychotherapy and Counseling.

If you want, feel free to make use of Email Counseling which I'm offering on this site. It can be useful as a form of first advice on how to deal with your problems, and/or if a psychotherapy or counseling makes sense. Anyone - young or old, male or female, can use it and do so anonymously.
However, please note that counseling from distance - even if applied on a regular basis and by a psychotherapist or psychiatrist - can't replace the process of a professionaly guided psychotherapy in 'real' life, according to the current state of research. In this respect, please note my offerings on personal psychotherapy and counseling in Vienna.

Using the Psychotherapy & Counseling Discussion Board on my website is completely free. Use it to ask your questions or exchange your experiences related to psychotherapy, counseling, psychological stress and disorders or all the things that turned out helpful on your path. The German version of the Psychotherapy & Counseling Discussion Board is the largest one in the German-speaking part of Europe! So you're in good hands.. ;-)
On my website you can also find psychological selftests, a range of papers and a selection of books about psychotherapy, counseling and coaching which hopefully turn out useful and supportive in your decisions regarding psychotherapy, counseling and coaching.

Getting where you want..

..starts with the first step.

Last, not least: after hopefully helpful browsing my site you're welcome to post your impressions, suggestions or any other kinds of related comment to my Guestbook.

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