attraction aversion swing

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attraction aversion swing

Post Aug 16 2013, 10:47

New to this forum
I seem to be prone to a swing which is most uncomfortable.
Capable of being very attracted to someone, and therefore a very good lover when in that phase, I suffer from intense aversion for the same person some time later. Which I express in terms of blatant rejection.
Only to discover that I want the person back when he somewhat moves away , bruised. But at times I have also lost the relationship all together because I could not control the aversion.
Came to the conclusion lately that there is something in me which likes to play cat and mouse.
Except that I also want a stable relationship and would like to be capable of not feeling this aversion when it comes.
I know possibly where this all stems for. But that is not too helpful to solve the pattern.
The cat and mouse thing would make it sound like am just a player. Which is not the case. All this seems beyond my control.
Thanks in advance)))


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new on bo(a)rd!
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Re: attraction aversion swing

Post Dec 29 2013, 18:21

think about

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