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What’s the difference between clinical depression and just having ‘sad mood’ (sadness) or ‘feeling blue’? This often-asked question is often asked and sometimes, it may indeed be hard to tell whether there are already signs of depression if someone has been feeling depressed for some time.

To try clarify this question to some extent, feel free to undergo the online test on my website, or watch the nice TED video clip below about the topic. If you feel like it, just add your experiences or observations in the comments below – maybe they can be of help for others asking themselves similar questions.

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Thoughts on “Depression and ‘sad mood’ – what’s the difference?” (3):

  1. Comment by St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute:

    The symptoms of depression are essentially the same for children, adolescents and adults, such as sadness, loss of pleasure in activities, disturbances in sleep and appetite

  2. Comment by Rachel:

    After the deaths of my parents, 4 sisters, house burned down, grandchildren removed from my life, my son’s violent suicide and end of my 24 year marriage (short version) I had been suffering from and treated for depression, due to grief and loss, as well as a traumatic abusive childhood. Years into my treatment, including psychotropics, counseling and a few in-patient hospital stints, I still thought of suicide to varying degrees on a daily basis and lived in a state of apathy. After noting one of my diagnosises of PTSD, I decided to try on more shot at therapy, but this time focusing on trauma. I started Prolonged Exposure Therapy, a PTSD specific treatment, and it changed my life. I finally stopped refraining from suicide because I no longer wanted to die; the ONLY reason I did not kill myself previously was because I didn’t want to traumatized my living son further. I am able to do so much now. I used to, not realizing it, keep my world extreamly regimented and limited, because so many things made me think of some aspect of what happened to me. I didn’t go anywhere except work, I watched the same tv shows, series or movies, recorded (no commercials which could contain any content), same books, no news, media or relationships.

    My point is this, I appeared depressed, felt depressed, had been treated for depression by multiple professionals, without much result, for many years. I’m hoping that my serendipitous insight might help another suffering person, or mental health professional, recognize the need to consider altering treatment when the current treatments are just not doing much and that it may be related to trauma.

  3. Comment by ทุบตึก:

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