Counseling in Vienna by Richard L. Fellner

Online-Counseling Fees

Fees for Online Counseling is calculated in 15 minute units (depending on expenditure of time for writing my emails or our telephone call), so that you don't have to pay for full counseling units you don't necessarily require.
One unit is € 25,- (THB 1000/USD 30/SGD 30).
Please understand that my services can only be rendered after the fee has been received.


1. Paypal Hint!

One of the simplest and safest choices.
Just click here:

2. Bank Transfer

Please transfer the fee to my account:

 EasyBank (1100 Wien, Quellenstrasse 51-55)
IBAN Code: AT321420020010036438

3. By Post

Please send the fee for your planned counseling units to:

 DSP Richard L. Fellner  Mahlerstrasse 7 / 19 A - 1010 Wien  
Please envelop non-transparently and/or as registered mail.

4. By Bitcoin transaction

Please send the equivalent BTS amount according to current rate to:

(scan QR code)

Please also notify me by email about your transaction to allow prompt processing.

5. Online by credit card, cheque or fax

One of the fastest and safest methods. Click here, fill out the form and only a few hours later - after your information has been verified - we can contact each other.

Advantage: fast & safe. But: not anonymous.

If you have inquiries, don't hesitate to contact me, I'll be glad to help.

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