Counseling in Vienna by Richard L. Fellner


I've been frequently asked about how to correctly quote my papers. Because of that and the rise of plagiarism on the Internet, I have created this page to support scholars and others in their efforts to create correct references. You may even decide between the most common styles of reference.

Especially in psychological papers, the APA style is suggested,
for longer papers with a special section of references (as it is often seen in books), the "reference list" will usually be the preferred one.

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Hint: indent the 2nd row when using APA format.
Whenever that isn't possible (HTML etc.), the reference list can be designed in simple list format.

APA Citation Format

American Psychological Association (APA) style is a widely-accepted style of documentation for written research reports, academic term papers, theses, and dissertations, and for scholarly manuscripts submitted for publication in Psychology, Sociology, Business, Economics, Nursing, Social Work, and Criminology, and other disciplines of the Social Sciences, and in some fields that cross disciplinary boundaries, such as Communications and Media Studies. (Details)